Must see attractions in Phoenix

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona in US state boast its subtropical desert climate making every day a perfect day to do fun activities such as hiking, shopping, playing, trail running, sight-seeing, learn or visit something or just to eat with your friends or family. Here are some must see attraction not only for visitor and newcomers but also for all people in Phoenix.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain popular landmark, named because of its shape that resembles a hump and head kneeling camel. The two difficult trails ascend 1,200 feet to a summit has steep and rocky ascent that requires assistance of handrails and climbing to reach the top, but the 360-degree views of Phoenix and Scottsdale from the summit are much worth it. The Camelback Mountain of Phoenix’s desert preservesare home to native species such as the desert tortoise, cottontail rabbits, chuckwalla lizard. Plant and dessert wild flowers species include the saguaro, cholla and prickly pear cacti, as well as native trees such as mesquite and palo verde.

Musical Instrument Museum

Musical Instrument Museum or MIM is rated as one of the best attraction in Phoenix. MIM is the world’s only global musical instrument museum. MIM features one-of a kind collection of  instruments and music of cultures everywhere in the world. With over 6,500 objects and musical instruments displayed in MIM’s Geographic Galleries. The Guests can hear and see instruments being played in their original cultural context. And if you’re planning a visit with family and friends or your special event, MIM is accommodating an Artist Gallery, featuring instruments played by famous artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and more. MIM also have a Music Theater that hosts over 200 concerts each year with performing artists from all over the world, from folk to jazz and American legacies to classical music and other musical styles. Another is the Experience Gallery where guests can play instruments from all around the world.

Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden offers the globe’s finest collection of plants from deserts of the world in a unique outdoor setting of about 200 acres for 70 years. With over 50,000 desert plants on display throughout 5 thematic trails to teach and inspire visitors about the topics like conservation, preservation, desert living, plants, wildflowers and people of the Sonoran Desert. Visit the Garden and enjoy specialized tours, family activities, special events, concerts, seasonal exhibits. If you got hungry there’s a restaurant nearby to eat and a plant shop for plant lovers.

Phoenix Zoo

Visit explore a wondrous world of curiosity, imagination and discovery. The phoenix zoo never fails to stunned and amazed guest for more than 50 years. A day at the Zoo offers adventures like no other place in the valley with four major areas or trails representing different areas of the world and their native wildlife. The Arizona Trail, the Africa Trail, the Tropics Trail, and the Discovery/Children’s Trail. Along with other attractions like safari train, camel rides and giraffe encounter.



Things to Do In Phoenix, Arizona

Are you planning to make a visit to one of the most scenic and fun places in Arizona? The Phoenix, Arizona is a very fun place to go to and spend your vacation at. There are a lot of places and fun things to do there. If you are planning for a vacation but do not know yet where to start, we would be happy to provide you a list of fun places to go to do in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Wondrous Camelback Mountain

The Camelback Mountain is the highest peak in Phoenix and probably the most picturesque hiking spot in the city. The Camelback’s summit offers breath-taking views of Phoenix and Scottsdale soaring 2,704 feet high. However, if you are looking for a lower key hike, then the 1.5-mile Cholla Trail offers a more gradual incline than the 1.2-mile, incredibly steep Summit Trail.

Reunite with Loved Ones in Phoenix Zoo

Without your little children dying of boredom, the Phoenix Zoo is a great place to enjoy nature and learn more about them. Represented on this 125-acre mass of land are multiple trails that wind through the numerous habitats. The zoo houses several varieties of animals such as baboons, Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, Galapagos tortoises and Komodo dragons.

Be Amazed in the Phoenix Art Museum

With over more than 17,000 artworks are housed within a prime example of contemporary architecture in one of the largest art museums in the Southwest and some of these works of are some dating as old as the Renaissance period. From Diego Rivera to Frederic Remington, Henry Moore to Frida Kahlo, the Phoenix Art Museum’s permanent collection caters to a wide variety of tastes, and often welcomes top-notch travelling exhibits. If you are travelling with kids, you should take advantage of the museum’s youth-oriented activities and do not forget to check those out.

Watch the Arizona Diamondbacks

At Chase Field, you can watch the Diamondbacks play baseball and it is a very worthwhile experience even though you are not much of a diehard baseball fan. Even though you have no plans watching a game, Mondays through Saturdays, the tours of the field are available throughout the year. After, grab a bite to eat or a cold one at Chase Field’s beer garden while the kids cool down at the field’s swimming pool.

Visit Desert Botanical Garden

Spread across the 50 acres of land in Papago Park, the desert at first may seem like the least place you would expect to find a flora. The Desert Botanical Garden is a home to thousands of species of cacti, trees and flowers from all over the world. The garden’s brightly colored plants sharply contrast the Sonoran Desert’s cinnamon-red buttes, and numerous hiking trails. The Desert Botanical Garden also hosts numerous events. For its beautiful and mesmerizing site, event organizers seek out special exhibits in the Desert Botanical Garden if available.

These are just to name a few of the wondrous places to start with when you visit the Phoenix, Arizona.